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Dear Readers,

I am currently still writing Astrology Zone - July will be a good month because Mars is no longer retrograde! You will have your July forecast in a matter of days. In the meantime, please see my TV show for July. It is free, with global all access 24/7, available here:

The impending move of Astrology Zone to new servers, with new code and a completely new design, has taken a lot of time from my schedule, but all the effort has been so worthwhile. If all goes according to plan, we will post the new site for Astrology Zone on July 20. We started from scratch, and so my new site will have new code, served on new servers, and with a beautiful design that will be easy to navigate. Please bear with me - this has been a bigger undertaking than I ever imagined.

I will always keep you posted on progress on Twitter @AstrologyZone and on Facebook "Susan Miller." You will know when I post July, and you will know when the new design comes up. If you have ever moved a large site, you will have compassion for me!

I go to Austin July 4 to meet with Phunware in a series of meetings that week to approve the final details and to make preparations for the migration. You will have your July forecast well before that, of course, in a day or two. I am working as fast as I can to give you your report. I am losing part of my team for the Fourth of July holiday, and I have to solve that little problem too, so I estimate you will get your report by July 2.


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