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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Gemini Forecast for June 2014

By Susan Miller

It's birthday month, and Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini from June 7 to July 1. Rather than be frustrated to hear this, be glad. You have just come through two very tough months due to the eclipses of April and the subsequent pressures of May. The last thing you need now is a fast moving month, filled with all sorts of surprises, twists, and turns, and even more pressure put on you. You need a month to sort out all that happened in recent weeks, so plan to step back, and take the necessary time to make sense of what is happening in your life now. The universe is giving you rare permission to let go. Do not rush through negotiations in early June, for you will spin your wheels and make no progress.

When your ruler is retrograde, you are forced to slow down and look back at work you've done so far. It is also time to examine all sorts of relationships you've formed or that are ongoing, in your personal and professional life. Any retrograde planet will ask you to see if you can make more of an established relationship or ongoing venture. As humans, we all tend to only want to hear about pioneering into new realms, but we overlook the gold that we can develop with existing situations and relationships. I will explain.

Not all of life is about pressing forward - the universe wants us to be meticulous and thorough, and have superb follow-up. People in sales know that 80 percent of their business comes from 20 percent of their client list, for clients you have developed in the past over the years trust you and are satisfied - they want to work with you more in the future. In your personal life, 20 percent of your friends bring you 80 percent of your pleasure - it is just one of those mathematical realities that the universe is built upon. Mercury retrograde knows this and encourages this kind of look inward to all you've already achieved.

This 80-20 percent proportion also works for simple things - look in your closet at the clothes in your wardrobe. Chances are, you reach for the same 20 percent of your wardrobe each day because you feel those outfits reveal the true you, are comfortable and madly flattering - despite many other fine outfits you have hanging in your closet too. Most of us have no idea why we like those clothes over the others, we just do. Actually studying the 20 percent of our lives that are yielding such satisfaction may give you insight that will allow you to create more hits and less misses.

Just prior to the start of June, on May 28, the new moon was in Gemini, 7 degrees, and it is the only new moon of the year to be in your sign. New moons open doors, so despite the fact that Mercury will be retrograde, you will see opportunities come up, and you may have already seen this happen a few days ago, at the end of May or will in early June. This new moon lit your first house, so it's a sign you should be thinking about your own needs, for you have been thinking a lot about other's needs lately, but have neglected you! This new moon will help all Gemini, but particularly those born near May 28, plus or minus four days, or who have Gemini rising 7 degrees (plus or minus four degrees), or a natal planet in Gemini at that degree and mathematical tolerance, or in Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius.

Mars, from your house of true love, will support this new moon, so you may see a highly romantic trend start up, with more enchanting dinners out, more time to socialize, and if single, to meet new romantic interests. If you are attached, you may find that you will be focused on having more time with your one-and-only, and you may discuss plans for a baby or a child you have now. I say that because the house Mars is circulating in rules pregnancy, birth, and care for children.

This is also a call to think about your appearance, and to see what you can do to freshen up your look for your new birthday year. If you buy new clothes with Mercury retrograde, keep the receipts in case you need to make an exchange. Don't buy electronics, however, because that is never wise to do that during Mercury retrograde - for that, wait until mid-July. Mercury rules the moving parts in any machine and all electronics, and when Mercury is out of phase, your judgment will be off, and you will likely regret your purchase later.

Gemini rules all sorts of communication, so you may get an intriguing offer to appear in the media, be interviewed, or to work on new writing, editing, coding, telecommunications app, software development, or to even have your own show. This would happen in the first week of June. I do feel compelled to add that Neptune, currently in your house of fame and honors, will be in hard angle to this new moon. This means you will have to work hard to understand any new assignment or offer you are presented. Your vision may be very different from the vision of the person offering you the idea or new assignments, but you may not realize that, and Mercury retrograde will add more crosscurrents.

This does not mean you will have to turn the offer down, but you will have to aim to keep clear lines of communication open and to be sure everyone concerned is on the same page. Most Gemini write exceeding well, an amazing asset now, for you would be able to sum up the offer (if you get one) in writing and show it to those with whom you are in talks, to make sure you have fully understood the deal. (Of course, the other side may do this for you, but if they don't, you need to do it.) June could be a very exciting time for you, so keep your spirits up. Mercury retrograde at this time may simply signal that the idea will need to be refined or changed a bit, now with your input. This is all good. Remember, your toughest months of April and May are behind you!

At the full moon, June 12, you may be celebrating some sort of partnership that you committed to some time ago, but now are ready to announce to the world. Uranus, in your house of community, fun events, friends, and new faces, will make this full moon a festive time. You are likely to be surrounded by many new people, and you will be able to widen your circle. You may have had to reschedule the date of this big announcement over the past weeks or months, and if so, that's actually a big plus during Mercury retrograde as you "used up" the delaying influence of Mercury.

At this full moon, Uranus will add an element of happy surprise. If your birthday falls on June 13 or within four days of this date, you will find many of the plans you seeded in the past year or even earlier will come to fruition in this birthday year. It's rare to have a full moon on your birthday - this year is special. Some Gemini may get engaged at this full moon.

At the same time, June 12, Venus will oppose Saturn, so you may feel a little drained by the event mid-month, as you will have to perform certain duties, or because you feel your health is a little run down.

Mars and Pluto will go at each other on June 13, so you may have a disagreement over money with a lover or with one of your children. Alternatively, a creative project may require more funding, and you may find that the people who hold the purse strings are pushing back and giving you a hard time. Pluto can be very domineering. Keep talking and negotiating - the Sun is in your sign, and you can prevail.

One of your most exciting points of the month will happen a few days later when Venus in Taurus will align with Jupiter in Cancer on June 18, a spectacular day you will enjoy as early as June 17, or as late as June 19. Jupiter is still in your earned income sector, so it seems you will earn good money on one of these days, or get an extraordinarily beautiful gift. Whenever Jupiter is involved, generosity is usually not far behind. Venus rules your true love sector, so you are likely to be in a place that is luxurious and quite beautiful - this day shines brilliantly for you!

The following week, in this somewhat up-and-down month, on Tuesday, June 24, Mars will oppose Uranus, so someone near you may be fragile, upset, and quick to be angry. This is a day when a friend or a sweetheart will be in a feisty or belligerent mood, so don't use this day for any important talks, especially ones with a romantic partner or dear friend. It is a day that brings separations, not accord.

Sometimes Mars opposite Uranus manifests as a break from tradition and the need for a bold move, so there are ways to harness this energy. I remember once a friend told me she decided to leave the big PR company she had worked for to open her own agency, and it turned out to be a good move for her. I was tense about the day she chose - I knew her present employer would be upset, and I don't know for sure, but since she took a lot of the big accounts with her, her departure and decision may have sparked a legal battle. All things ended well, because my friend has so much talent, and her business, now several years old, is thriving. As you see, this certainly can be a day for tremendous courage and big announcements that involving breaking off with the past.

Most of us, however, may simply find June 24 to be a day when people are quick to make a confrontation. If the manifestation is not emotional, it might be physical, so I would think this is not the day to participate in extreme sports or try new tricks on your skateboard. Protect your health!

The new moon in Cancer, 6 degrees, on June 27, will follow and is a bright moment for your finances. This is the time to ask for a raise - don't miss it, as it is your best moment of the year to do this. You must act within the few days that follow, so you may want to review all the reasons you feel your client or employer would be wise to give you the higher salary or fees. You have a great chance to get approvals because this new moon will send a direct beam to Neptune in your house of prestige, honors, and reputation - your creative ideas have earned you quite a fine reputation and it is time to be compensated. If you don't speak up, it would be a shame. Even a small raise would be worth getting!

I will say that Pluto will oppose this new moon, so you will have to be convincing. Of course, with your Gemini gift for persuasion, anyone who dares engage you in a debate is not likely to win! Yes, you will get push back, but no, you are not likely to leave empty-handed. Jupiter is in a rare visit to your financial house and is about to leave next month - it's now or never! (Well, I am being a bit dramatic, as it is not quite that, but I do want you to try!)

Keep working on your ideas and contribute them all, dear Gemini. On Sunday, June 29, the Sun will send Neptune a powerful beam, so you can think of many original ideas - set time aside!

Venus will move into Gemini on June 23 until July 18, a lovely time to treat yourself to new purchases - jewelry, new clothes, perfume, or cologne (gentlemen) and all kinds of spa / salon / grooming treatments. For best luck, wait until mid-July to act, for I would like you to give Mercury time to regulate its orbit July 1 before you spend money. In the meantime, enjoy kicking back and enjoying life, dear Gemini. You will have a good chance to travel on quick getaways too, and the idea of a trip always puts a big smile on your face!


You've been busy attending to just about everyone else's needs lately, but it's time you give yourself some loving attention, too, dear Gemini. The new moon in Gemini that occurred just days prior to the start of this month, on May 28, is standing by to help you achieve your wishes. Mars, the energy planet, is full of vim and vigor, and may even act like a little matchmaker, helping you find love, if that's a goal. The same new moon may further your aims to have a baby or coax you to do splendid work on a creative project.

Mercury is about to retrograde, June 7 to July 1, first in Cancer, and by June 16, Mercury will be sliding back into Gemini. Although Mercury affects everyone, it affects you more, for Mercury is your guardian planet, and this time will retrograde part of the time in Gemini. Mercury will cause delays and re-do's, so rather than venture into new projects and relationships, focus on those on your plate now. Moreover, Neptune, the planet that runs your tenth house of fame and honors, will retrograde from June 9 to November 16, 2014.

Until then, keep working on projects that you have already started. This month, be careful that your paperwork is in order - inaccuracies can cause delays and hold up payments to you. This will be especially true during the first part of June - payments may be held up, and you may need to send reminder statements to clients to coax them to pay you in a timely matter.

Hopefully, if you needed to change jobs, you already did so earlier, perhaps in March, but if you have an offer pending now, and you want it, say so quickly, well in advance of June 7. With Mercury soon to retrograde too, you should not sign important documents during the phase June 7 to July 1 - you understand the urgency to act decisively the moment the month begins. I would prefer you accept offers in mid-to-late July, your sunny, lucky time of 2014.

Your relationship with your partner, in love or business, will be your focus on the full moon, June 12. Within four days of this date, you might get engaged, and with Uranus so active, you won't see the proposal coming, so this may be a thrilling moment. (If it turns out that it is YOU who will be the one to give the proposal - it is 2014, after all - you will do so spontaneously, and even you may be surprised later that you actually did it!) This full moon may have you ready to seal a business agreement or partnership now too, but with Mercury retrograde, you'd be wise to wait until mid-July or later to sign papers. You may have done that months ago, however - you may simply be making the big announcement, which is fine to do now.

When it comes to love, so much of how things will go will depend upon how things have been between you and your lover until now. If you have not been happy, Mars' hard angle to Pluto the day after the full moon, June 13, may bring an argument over money. Of course, any tension you feel may be instead due to a creditor or tax man who wants to be paid, but the bone of contention seems to be over funds that you share with a romantic or business partner. Wear your armor and don't blink. The one of you who feels more strongly about the topic on the table will prevail.

A few days later, June 24 will reveal a clue that will show the future of your relationship. Mars and Uranus will be at loggerheads, a severe aspect denoting anger, so you may hear something that has you seeing red. If your relationship was hanging on a string, this push from Mars may end it. The relationship in question appears to be romantic but may instead focus on one you have with a friend. Aspects like this look for weak links - if there is one, you will know it now. Sometimes Mars opposed to Uranus creates mishaps, so it's not a day to go bungee jumping, adventurous Gemini. Having said all this, alternatively, this could be a time of enormous courage and breaking with the past. See how this works out for you.

Venus will tour Gemini on June 23 until July 17, an ideal time to shop for new things to wear and to decide on a new way to wear your hair, or to have it colored. If you shop in June for new clothes, with Mercury retrograde, you'll need to hold on to receipts because the incidence of returns or exchanges will go up. Put off your biggest investment purchases for next month, and do not buy any electronics in June, no matter how badly you want it!

On June 17 or 18, good news about money will arrive, a nice change, and it may arrive in terms of a generous check, thanks to the interaction between Venus and Jupiter. Plan a financial talk, presentation, or action on this day. You may instead get a great gift.

The new moon, June 27, and the days to follow will also be your best time of 2014 to ask for a raise and get it approved. It's also a good time to open salary negotiations for a new position. With Mercury retrograde, you may want to wait until after July 1 to give your final answer for a new job, but if the offer is good, a bird in the hand is valuable. If you are in a creative field, the new moon June 27 will help you sell a big idea and start the green light flashing. If you need funding, it will be there for you too.

Dates to Note: Gemini

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions Gemini: June 1, 2, 12, 18, 26, 27, 29, and 30. (Things might go either way on June 12. It's a full moon, so give this date a plus or minus four days.)

Mercury will retrograde June 7-July 1 in Cancer/Gemini. After Mercury goes direct, Mercury will reach top speed again (and be at his best) by July 15.

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 12, plus or minus four days, may bring a love relationship to culmination - one way or another. Uranus is friendly, so something completely unexpected may come up - a proposal? Or, due to Saturn's hard angle to Venus, will you decide to delay a decision? With Mercury retrograde, a delay may be your best course of action. If you are not dating, look your best, for you may meet someone new.

The turn of Neptune retrograde on June 9 until November 16 means progress in your career will focus you on past efforts, not new ones. Work on the deals already on the table after June 9.

Someone may be very forceful with you on June 13, especially concerning money, due to Pluto's clash with Mars.

Your most fabulous day for salary or an increase in fees will be June 18, thanks to collaboration between Venus and Jupiter. Alternatively, you may be given a beautiful gift.

Venus will tour Gemini from June 23 until July 18, a superb time to spiff up your look. Cupid will be buzzing around you, and you will be charismatic and hypnotic.

On June 24, Mars will oppose Uranus - this is a hot, angry aspect. These planets will rattle your friendship and romantic sectors, so tread carefully, and if the relationship means something to you, be careful.

The new moon on June 27 in Cancer will bring exceptional news in your financial life - be sure to make an initiation. Ask for a raise. A powerful VIP may list all the reasons why a raise won't be possible, but you can trump those arguments by articulating your case.

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